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Every Leader Needs a Guide

published5 months ago
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"Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short."
-- Henry David Thoreau


Ever feel like there's just too much good content flying your way?

This dynamic of too much stuff along side too little time is where TL;DR comes in. It is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of the information age.

For the uninitiated, TL;DR stands for "too long; didn't read."

It's a gift for those who may be interested in a piece of content but want to make sure they're maximizing their time. With a TL;DR synopsis, you gain just enough insight to decide if you want to read the whole thing or not.

When I started this newsleader about six months ago, I knew I wanted to create something people looked forward to receiving. By publishing every fortnight, my hope was to strike the right balance of substance with pace. But sometimes, even a strategic one-pager needs a little help to get past the defenses most leaders need just to make it through their day.

That's why I thought it might be helpful to give a bonus TL;DR edition of all the pieces we published in Season 01. Think of this highly scannable post as the TV Guide of everything we've done since the start.

One glance and you'll know right away if you need to go any deeper. If not, you get to walk away guilt-free.

So, with that, here is the Complete TL;DR of Season One...

If you want to build a great company (and not just a bottom line), here's a free mini-video course to show you the quickest way to greatness.

It's got to be more than just making money. You'd expect at a great company, the people helping to build it would be thriving right along side revenue. Are your people flourishing? If you don't know, get curious with your people and see how they're doing. Ask what they want in life. Show that you care.

What if you know what you want but feel like life is getting in your way? You're just not getting it all done. Solve #1: Get your right start started right by establishing a Rule of Life. Here's how.

Ok. So you've figured out how to get your organization in order, but you're having trouble getting others to play well. All these healthy "me's" but not enough team. Here's the quickest way to bridge the gap.

People get paid to work. But what if you want their heart too? What if you want them to care beyond what's in it for them? It turns out you need to care about them just as much.

When you start caring about your people and the life they want to live, might you unintentionally encourage them to leave? The answer might surprise you.

One of the most overlooked assets a team can have is the ability to do hard things. Is learning how to do that even possible? Absolutely. Here's how.

With a holla-back to Episode 3 (Free to Be), we go a little deeper in recommending the single commitment that will anchor your day the best. It's more straightforward and more powerful than you think.

Winning your mornings is critical, but it's not enough to win on your more challenging days. Hint: Afternoons and evenings are underrated: Think flow through the whole of your day as you develop your own Rule of Life.

The unfair advantage every leader can have (but average leaders skip) is getting enough sleep. If you struggle to get your ZZZZzzz's, here's precisely how to make the shift you're looking for, along with three no-brainer hacks you can benefit from tonight.

This one's as practical as it gets. TL;DR of the TL;DR: Options are not your friend.

Leaders can implement these five things today to increase the speed of trust. It's also easier than you think. But you need to know what they are before you can increase your velocity.

That's it! I hope this season has been helpful. Our intention is to start back up in Q4.

I am so grateful to be a part of your life.


P.S. With this season in the books, I'd be grateful to hear back about what worked for you this season (and what didn't). Are these too long, too short, or somewhere in between? Any topics you'd like to hear about, especially regarding making your company great? I'm all ears.

P.P.S. Once we conclude Season 06 of the Converge Podcast (it's been a fantastic season, by the way), I'll share a TL;DR of those episodes too!

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