Dane Sanders

As a leader, what do you want... really?

published11 months ago
1 min read

Every entrepreneur I know wants to grow their business.

The best leaders, though, want to build a great company — one where their people are thriving, along with the bottom line.

But, if the numbers around the great resignation and mental health at work are any indicator, most employees simply are not thriving.

If your ambition as a leader is to build something special, I have a gift for you.

It's a short, 4-part video mini-course capturing our best learnings to help employees love their job. You can access it here, right now.

You can also anticipate (1) a new season of the Converge Podcast and (b) a new bi-weekly newsletter coming from me as we embark on 2022. I hope all of it helps support and challenge you to build your version of great this year.

All my best,